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How we make a difference

Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex, raising many questions for the people affected and their families.

The Brain and Spine Foundation provides support and quality information to people affected by brain and spine conditions, in order to reduce anxiety and help inform their choices. Everyone has a fundamental right to direct and make choices about their own medical treatment, and for people with these conditions to do that, they need to understand exactly what their options are.

In addition to providing this information ourselves, we can also put people in touch with our affiliated doctors who can guide them in making the right treatment decisions for their own individual circumstances.


About us

There are 350 different conditions of the brain and spine and together they affect more than 10 million people in the UK. These conditions affect both children and adults and in many cases have long term impacts without the prospect of a cure. Neurological conditions and associated treatments are often complex and poorly understood by those affected and their families.

We need to get the message out there that if you or someone in your family suffers from a brain or spin condition, or you even suspect that they do, you or they need to be willing to come forward and talk about it with a doctor so that treatment can be given.

Treatment for these types of conditions is often a long and disturbing process. Arming oneself with knowledge is crucial to coping, in the same way as women who are expecting children should read up on what to expect during pregnancy.

The sad reality is that many of these health problems are chronic; there is no known cure. So affected people must learn about what is happening to them so that they better understand how to cope with it all.

Dizziness and balance problems

This booklet provides information on dizziness and balance problems. It provides information on
  • the symptoms of dizziness
  • how the balance system works
  • the tests you might need
  • the conditions that can cause dizziness and balance problems, and
  • the treatments that might help.

Sources of further support and information are listed in the Useful Contacts section.

Our purpose

The Brain and Spine Foundation exists to provide this information and to be there during diagnosis, treatments and in the longer term, to answer questions and provide support throughout a patient’s journey. We are the only UK wide charity providing support on the full range of neurological conditions.

We believe awareness of brain and spine disorders is essential to us coming together as a society and treating them. We must not isolate or ridicule people who suffer from these conditions.

The charity receives no government funding and is entirely funded by voluntary donations. We welcome any and all contributions. We gratefully acknowledge the help and support of our principal donor and fundraising partner, Discovery UK.


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